Guild to Battle of Khylo-Guild Wars 2

Battle of Khylo (or Khylo as it is known) similarly to Foefire, is a structured PvP map. Unlike Foefire however, its secondary mechanic isn’t guild lords but trebuchets. Like all the other sPvP maps, Khylo is a conquest map with three capture points. The first team to 500 points is the winner and although manning your team’s trebuchet won’t provide you points directly (unlike killing the guild lord in Foefire) it will provide you with a devastating tool to turn the tides in your favour.

The three capture points are Windmill to the north of the map, Clocktower in the centre and Mansion to the south. The Blue team respawn in the northeast of the map and the Red team the southwest corners, with each team having to work their way out of their base to reach the capture points.As briefly mentioned above, each team has a trebuchet just nearby to their guild wars 2 gold. The trebuchets are both on raised platforms for maximum height and spotting opportunities and can only be reached using the single ramp up to them. Interacting with the trebuchet will see your skills replaced with turn left, fire and turn right. Holding down the fire button (skill 2) will charge the trebuchet shot. The longer you hold the skill down (similar to channelling) the further your trebuchet will fire.

The trebuchet can comfortably reach all three capture points and deals massive damage to anyone struck by its fire. Not only does it deal huge damage but will also knock enemy players back and down, creating excellent spike opportunities. Having your party call targets on the points you are fighting on will allow you to quickly gain the upper hand as your trebuchet operator sends death from above.


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