Guild Wars 2-Arrow Cart And Ballista

This is an anti-personnel weapon, best used to defend choke points and push enemies away from gates. It has three abilities: arrow cart, crippling arrows (that apply crippling), and barbed arrows (that apply bleeding). It does most of its damage against enemy players. The most effective way to use an arrow cart is to set it up to target a bridge, gate, or choke point and use it to keep players from moving through (forcing them to take an alternate route and/or split up). You can also use it to keep enemies from the gates.

Be very careful when placing it on a wall, because the enemy will want to take it out as soon as possible. You’ll want to place it somewhere where it’s hard for the enemy to get to, but still within range of the fight. It fires in an upward arc, so line of sight is less of an issue. Likewise, prioritize the arrow carts when you’re sieging a keep. If enough get up then you will never be able to get close enough without a huge army.Arrow carts can let a very small number of players defend a keep against most moderate assaults. They can prevent players from getting close to the door and can generally control enemy movement. If you’re defending a keep, then be sure to get a few up as quickly as possible and defend them.

The Ballista is another anti-personnel weapon with anti-siege capabilities. It’s best used to take out enemy siege weapons, since it requires a target to attack (unlike the rest which usually have AoE targeting reticules). What is interesting is that it can attack more than five enemies at time, the hard cap for most AoE abilities. The bolt can be dodged since it has a flight time.Most players like to put them far in the backlines, since they have a decent amount of range and are easier to defend back from combat. It comes with three firing modes, fire (which deals damage), Shattering Bolt which explodes on contact and applies bleed, and Reinforced Bolt which deals heavy damage to siege.


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