Let’s take a look at Guild Wars 2

If Anet had talked to us during the week before the patch, to explain the reason of the reset (and not tried to sell it as something needed for a leaderboard that no one was asking for, and that wasn’t even implemented), and to listen to our feelings about getting the progress we worked so hard for getting wiped out, there wouldn’t be a situation now. But as the people who were the most angry about this just stopped playing the game, Anet probably doesn’t care as there’s not much bad feedback on the forums now.

Every other part of the game where some kind of reset happened (sPvP or WvW with rank, for ex) got some compensation for it. There wasn’t any for fractals, and the issue wasn’t even talked about, it was totally ignored.It’s a fact that Fractals were ignored by Anet since the beginning.When players arrived at the level 80, they were surprised to see they couldn’t open 81, as the fractals were promoted as an endless dungeon. The question was asked on the forums, but no one ever replied to it.I can’t count the number of threads that were opened talking about cheap guild wars 2 gold, and there was never an answer on them either.When Fractured was announced, no reply was made to any comments about it. Many features were announced but were never made.

Let’s take a look at what was promised and what happened:
– No more Cliffside + Dredge: it still happens. In fact, if you get Cliffside, you have more chances to get Dredge next than if you had Uncategorized as second map, for ex.
– Fractal skins instead of weapons: it was a hit in the face to tell people the skins they had dropped before would not be affected by this change. Why not put an npc who would enable us to exchange our old weapons to skins, like they did for the gathering items ?
– Fractal skin box: another thing that was well received by the players when it was announced, but when players find out it’s not in game yet and ask about it, they say it was always intended to have them at levels 51+. Then why talk about it if you’re not putting them in the game for months ? All it did was create false hope. Of course you get a backlash after this.


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