Runescape is such a sad, cynical point of view.

This is such a sad, cynical point of view. What is more sad is I must share the sentiment, although to be fair, I blame NCsoft. Anet would never say it, but I think their stance of saying “We haven’t decided whether to do a traditional expansion or deliver an expansion-worth of content in small pieces” is due to NCsoft not giving them the financial backing they really need to do a full-blown expansion. These little living world updates are all Anet can afford to make using revenue from the gem store. NCsoft is too busy giving games like Wowstar their financial backing.
Edit: By the way I’d like to point out that Anet never stated they have no intention of revisiting cantha or elona. They simply said they haven’t decided. The stink came back before launch when Anet released a screen shot of early Divinity’s Reach which had asian buildings in it. Some asians thought the architecture was somehow offensive because there were mixed styles that “shouldn’t” be combined. It was just racial bigotry and artistic ignorance if you ask me. However, someone in charge (probably NCsoft) decided it had to be removed to appease potential customers, and so Anet removed the asian buildings. Since then, there’s been a stigma against anything Canthan, and it seems like either NCsoft or Anet doesn’t want to risk an asian backlash.
It’s a kitten shame when freedom of expression is taken away because of a few vocal, potentially bigoted groups who have nothing better to do than look around for things to be offended by.
We can only hope that NCsoft eventually notices the demand for gw2 gold and Elona and allows Anet to proceed.

You have to keep in mind that Cantha is currently closed off from the world. The emperor closed off her borders to outsiders and has her people united under an iron fist. He destroyed the Luxons and Kurzicks. The way ArenaNet has it set up, there is no reason to go to Cantha. I personally hate that, but that is how they have it set up right now. The was emperor extremely xenophobic. He banished all non-human races from his empire, which is why the tengu are where they are now. I doubt his descendants would openly welcome Charr, Norn, Asura, Sylvari, or anyone non-human.
Besides, the way to Cantha is blocked by Bubbles. We’d have to destroy or go around Bubbles. Even if we succeeded in that, Cantha would probably repel us as invaders. I kind of do like the idea of invading Cantha and saving her from tyranny, but maybe the Canthans don’t feel like they are being ruled by tyranny. Maybe they have come to accept the way things are as their culture. We’d become the bad guys by going in there and trying to change their way of life.
The only way for us to get back Cantha the way we had it in GW1 would be to have the writers make it so that Cantha is trapped by Bubbles, where Bubbles’ minions are constantly assaulting Cantha. Then we would go to destroy Bubbles. Once we do, we will have saved Cantha and her emperor can welcome us to her shores, human and non-human alike.


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